Do zig zags, jump, run... forever!
Zig Zag In Hell
Hell is worse than you thought!
GDC Briscola
The traditional card game of Briscola with an added dash of casual gaming!


We’re a couple (really!) of experienced developers / designers / musicians / skilled* timewasters / whatnot lately jumped in the mobile game development bandwagon.

* exceptionally so.

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Zig Zag in Hell v.2.0.0 is out
January 27, 2016

Version 2.0.0 is out! Lots of improvements: Added full screen buttons (with option to get back to regular buttons) Balanced difficulty level: starts out simple and gets harder as you go Gates popping out of thin air: one new dumb way to die! Added King of Hell achievement Added Kings Of Hell leaderboardBlue gems grant […]

Back at work!
January 7, 2016

What the heck, another year just gone by! Having successfully survived the holiday break it’s time to get creative (& social) again! We’ve got a lot of tasty hot new works in progress, and we’re starting a development blog series to let you peek what happens behind the scenes. Stay tuned!

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