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GDC Briscola

The traditional card game of Briscola, in casual gaming sauce!

Challenge a talented virtual opponent and rediscover the authentic experience of a true game of Briscola, masterfully rendered in gorgeous HD scenarios!
Pile up career points, conquer Trophies and unlock scenarios and additional difficulty levels in the first chapter of the series Giochi di Carte (Card Games) by Squirrl Studios!


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Key facts

  • Prove your playing skills against a clever virtual opponent
  • Choose between easy, medium and an insanely hard Premium difficulty level
  • Complete amazing card feats and win many Briscola Trophies
  • Gather career points and unlock additional beautiful, highly detailed and animated scenarios
  • Accurate lighting effects on all devices
  • Realistic cards animations and sound effects, with soft shadows on all devices
  • One standard French card deck
  • Four italian regional decks (Piacentine, Napoletane, Siciliane, Bergamasche)
  • One Spanish cards deck
  • Supported languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese


  • Platform(s): Android (4.0+)
  • Available on Google Play
  • Published January¬†10, 2015